Maca as an Adaptogen

Many researchers have called Maca as a good adaptogen. Now we ask ourselves: what is an adaptogen?

The body has its own resistance, and an adaptogen is the substance that increases the non-specific resistance of the body. Adaptogens empower the body to resist the external atacks and to easely adapt the environment conditions. They help the body to re-balance and to restore the immune systems. The adaptogens give the body the minerals the body needs, and the organism feels energized and enforced.

So why does maca make me feel good?

Maca works like an adaptogen, maca tries its best to regenerate the organism and to make it feel good. Maca has in the composition vitamins like B1, B12, calcium, phosphorand many others, and they help the nervous system to calm down and from there we get the sensation of relax and well being. These vitamins also stimulate the digestive system and increase the muscle mass. Maca helps the body to asimilate the nutrients where it needs and when it needs.

The endocrine system is actually a mass of glands which produce the hormones that helps the body function normally. These hormones take care that different processes are made, and then released in the blood so they can reach the organs or the tissues.

Researchers and doctors sustain that maca is now the natural solution for regenerate the endocrine system and the best solution to maintain it healthy. This supplement regulates the metabolism, the body’s strength, sexual functions, the positive feelings and attitude.

If someone is thinking, I should specify that maca doesn’t contain any kind of hormones. Maca only gives the body some nutrients that helps the endocrine system to produce the hormones the body needs, in the dosage it needs.

Beside the beneficial effects on the endocrine system, digestive system and so on, we can specify some other great effects that maca can bring to our body and mind:
•    Increase the body’s energy and strength
•    Bring force to the organism
•    Recovers the sexual functions in people, man and women as well
•    Improves the fertility in people
•    Regulates the hormonal in menopause and andropause
•    Regulates hormonal imbalance
•    Influences the circulatory system and helps the body regenerate after an injury and reduces anemia
•    Improves mind abilities like learning or memory
•    Influencing the circulatory system, maca makes the skin look softer and younger
•    With maca help, the bones are stronger, and so the teeth and bones remain intact
•    Maca may be considered an an anticarcinogen and a good antioxidant
•    Maca also acts like a natural steroid and helps to improve the muscle mass
•    Maca is beneficial, natural and it is not addictive

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